Comprehensive Services:
Diverse Experience Worldwide

Mongiove Associates specializes in dealing with every aspect of creating space tailored to each
client's particular needs for functional, efficient and attractive working environments.  From
operations and computer centers and executive office to staff service areas, research and
conference facilities.
Project Management from A to Z

Through its fully staffed office and worldwide
associates, Mongiove Associates offers a
comprehensive range of services for overall
project development.  These services are
available as a complete package or in part,
depending on each client's needs.  These services
  • Site location, building evaluation and lease
    analysis and negotiation
  • Comprehensive planning and design
  • Assurance of conformance to local
    building codes
  • Recommendations of outside consultants,
    including engineers, contractors or other
    specialized professionals
  • Furniture, furnishings and equipment
  • Construction management
  • Coordination of move-in and occupancy
Superior Resource

Mongiove Associates coordinates the whole process of office construction, from planning to move-in.  
From the outset, each project is under the direction of a principal with years of experience.  This principal
coordinates the process from start to finish and working closely with the client, draws upon Mongiove
Associates professional staff to turn the client's goals into a reality.

This system, developed through many projects over the years, ensures effective scheduling, monitoring and
control of work within the established parameters of cost, quality design and schedule.

Clients can be assured that their major long term investment of time, resources and money in a new and
often distant location is in good hands and will be well managed.
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